Lightweight shelving: the ultimate for your space, with simplicity.


RAININI lightweight shelving is the practical metal shelving solution with great versatility. We design lightweight shelving systems in a wide range of sizes to meet every organization need in commercial, industrial and domestic spaces. RAININI light metal shelving systems have a maximum capacity of 150 kg per shelf. RAININI lightweight shelving is sturdy, functional and simple to assemble. Using quick hook fastening systems, which eliminate the use of bolts and keys for assembly, they are particularly practical. Excellent stability and robustness of the reinforced shelves, avoid warping problems and guarantee durability over time. The T-uprights reduce the size of the shelving system to a minimum, gaining useful space for storage. Modularity and customization help to create infinite compositions to satisfy the most complicated requests and help to obtain maximum storage space even in small or narrow spaces. Adjustable shelves, different types of loads and the possibility of installing additional components make these shelves the most versatile for storing most goods. Care in finishing, quality in detail and minimal design distinguish RAININI metal shelving, giving it great charm and making it immediately recognisable.

Why choose RAININI Lightweight Shelving

IRON PRATIC Lightweight Shelving: simplicity and versatility

The shelf IRON PRATIC RAININI does not require any screws, making it quick to assemble, disassemble, move and reposition. The Structure of IRON PRATIC is suitable for any storage solution whether for private use, in basements, libraries and from small warehouses to industrial complexes. Sturdiness and stability make this shelf a professional item also suitable for companies with equipment storage needs, for offices where they have to reorganise folders, for clothing shops for storing garments safely and conveniently.

IRON DYNAMIC Lightweight Shelving: Quick-Release Hook Shelving

The Dynamic RAININI shelving system is a medium-light composition with a high load-bearing capacity that is quick to assemble, dismantle and reposition. It has practical accessories such as quick hooks on slots for positioning the panels at various heights without the use of screws and bolts.

Minimal design, slim upright, robustness and medium load capacity.

The IRON DYNAMIC shelving unit is suitable for both professional and domestic use. It is the quick and practical solution that RAININI metal shelving offers to customers with simple and customisable loading requirements, tailor-made to allow maximum flexibility in space layout.

IRON BAN Lightweight Shelving: Kanban Shelving for Smart Storage

IRON BAN is RAININI’s medium-light Kanban shelf, specially designed to optimise the storage of small parts in practical trays. It is particularly suitable for hardware shops and plumbing and electronics shops, ideal where items reach a maximum length of 10 cm. A versatile racking system for spare parts and loose goods storage.

IRON BAN shelves support the Kanban visual management system for inventory control, stock monitoring, reorganisation of small parts and reordering of materials.

Practicality and attention to detail are the key elements of this product, combined with high load capacity, durable materials, ease of installation and countless configuration and customisation options.

IRON TYRE tyre racks: professional quality

The RAININI solution for tyre dealers or anyone who needs to store tyres or rims for cars. The styre and wheel rims are designed for garages and workshops. Sturdy metal shelving, ehigh capacity and stability, with customisation of heights according to the diameter of the product to be reordered.

High-strength epoxy paint finishes for easy maintenance and cleaning. Floor anchorage.

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