Metal Warehouse Mezzanines: Where others fail;


Industrial Mezzanines are the solution proposed by RAININI to best set up the storage space of your warehouse, making the most of the useful height and multiplying the walkable surface area. When storage space becomes insufficient, a metal warehouse mezzanine is the only solution available to solve the problem. They are custom designed to adapt to the needs of use, the required flow rate and the available space. RAININI’s industrial mezzanines with metal shelving are customized storage solutions, designed to guarantee the customer maximum comfort, practicality and safety.

Design, Installation and Maintenance of Practical and Safe Industrial Mezzanines.

We design, manufacture and install modular industrial mezzanines to utilise the full height of the storage environment. Our metal racking solutions can go, when granted, up to 3-storey walkable floors providing useful additional storage areas.

Particularly versatile, thanks to the wide range of customisation possibilities designed by our technical department, RAININI metal mezzanines can take on different shapes and sizes.

Thanks to the use of modules and prefabricated elements, the quality of the RAININI warehouse mezzanine floor is more efficient and controlled than a handcrafted carpentry structure, and the ease of assembly shortens delivery times.

Our industrial mezzanines for warehouses are made of steel, and are therefore both earthquake-proof and fireproof. ISO certificates They follow the standards of the international organisation for ISO in terms of quality, efficiency and safety.

Custom-made mezzanines

We design and build metal mezzanines for warehouses considering:

Why choose RAININI'S METAL MEZZANINES for warehouse


RAININI mezzanines are self-supporting structures capable of reaching up to 3 levels in height, accessible by custom-made walkways and ladders, taking full advantage of the space available for storage.

Equipped with safety railings, they consolidate the structure and ensure its reliability, in strength and for the people who will use it.

Customized staircases provide access to the various levels of the installation.

Closed or open, as required, customizable in the choice of colors, adaptable to any context.

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