Mobile shelving: more capacity in less space


RAININI metal shelving are the immediate solutions to massive storage needs in small spaces. Where space is at a premium, but plenty of storage and archiving capacity is needed, RAININI mobile shelves utilise the entire volume of the room, minimising unused space. The compactable racks rest on mobile bases that move on rails, creating an aisle for picking only where necessary. Particularly manoeuvrable and quiet, RAININI mobile shelving units are fitted with a system for sliding on rails, which reduces friction and maintains maximum smoothness even when shelving with a large load capacity. High-tech materials for durability, refined design, compact, ergonomic and customisable. All this is encapsulated in RAININI mobile shelving.

Minimize floor space to gain storage space: the Mobile Shelving RAININI

Mobile shelving allows numerous articles to be stored even in small spaces. Sliding shelves optimise storage space, combining design and usability.

Compared to fixed metal racking, which requires several aisles for picking goods, compactable racking increases the storage area to 90 percent and recovers more than 50 percent of the floor space, creating a single operating aisle necessary to access the goods, which is only accessed when and where needed, thanks to the sliding of the metal shelving.

Mobile racking significantly increases warehouse capacity.

Mobile Shelving, Library Shelving, Compactable Cabinets and Mobile Archive Shelving, and not only

Often proposed as shelving for archives and libraries RAININI compact storage systems are also suitable for the storage of footwear, clothing and any goods to be stored in a small space because, being designed by our in-house team to the individual customer’s requirements, they can be adapted to any use.

Faithful to the ‘tailor-made’ approach, we develop these systems starting from the needs of those customers who have small warehouse spaces, and, with our compactable solutions, are able to make the most of them.

Specifically, RAININI compact storage systems, thanks to their modularity and versatility, can be used in a variety of contexts including industrial, commercial and service sectors. Mobile shelving can be useful for a wide range of applications, including the management of archives and museum collections, libraries, shops, offices and industrial warehouses.

RAININI metal shelving has also been chosen by major high-fashion, retail and design brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Prenatal, Levi’s, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Balenciaga, Apple, MSC Cruises, Tiger.

Why Choose RAININI Mobile Shelving

COMPACTABLE Versatile and Tailor-Made Shelving

RAININI mobile shelves and cabinets are designed to meet the highest standards of usability and safety.

They allow several units to be easily moved at the same time and thus make maximum use of the storage system.

Ultra-slim rails with anti-skid profiles allow the different racking lines to be closed ‘packaged’, while steel wheels ensure the highest possible manoeuvrability of the units; All this, without neglecting noise and handling.

Thanks to the high level of customisation, numerous shelves, drawers and accessories can be mounted on each units to suit the needs of the moment.

All while maintaining the attention to detail and design that is the hallmark of our brand.

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