Warehouse shelving for companies, offices, shops, workshops

metal shelving for the storage and archiving of goods in warehouses and offices. Metal shelving for light loads useful for organising shop logistics, archives, offices, warehouses and workshops.

Metal shelving for every need and environment

RAININI manufactures shelving for proper organisation and storage in various workplaces such as shops, offices, warehouses and workshops. Warehouse shelving is essential to meet the many different storage and preservation needs.

To fully meet the needs of its customers, RAININI is committed to providing safe, reliable and high quality solutions, offering a wide range of racking systems, available in a variety of models and formats to suit any type of business;

Within RAININI’s assortment, one can find both standard shelving, designed for small warehouses or offices and available in a variety of configurations, and industrial shelving, characterized by sturdiness and versatility ideal for storing goods of considerable weight.

RAININI racks, differentiated by use, format and size, share a number of common characteristics: the use of excellent materials, a solid construction, an easy assembly procedure and, above all, the ability to guarantee safety in any working environment.

RAININI is design of customized metal shelving systems for warehouses, companies, offices, laboratories

Warehouse and metal shelving design, also customised

Our in-house technical department, with over 50 years of experience in warehouse logistics design, develops customised shelving solutions and layouts ensuring the best utilisation of space, easy access to goods, extreme flexibility in configuration and full inventory control.

We specialise in shelving for the manual picking.

It is crucial for us to ensure a tailor-made service in the field of metal shelving. Thanks to the expertise of our design and production team and the use of increasingly advanced technologies, we realise flexible and customisable solutions to meet specific needs, both technically and aesthetically.

The experience of our designers, who pay particular attention to aesthetics and functionality, together with the skills of our technicians specialised in metalworking and oriented towards technological innovation, are just some of the distinguishing factors that have led many companies to prefer our storage systems over the competition.

Light-load warehouse shelving

Among the proposals of light-weight storage systems, RAININI proposes shelves with a load capacity of up to 180 Kg, available in various sizes and characterised by easy, screw-free assembly, thanks to the included universal brackets. These structures, equipped with height-adjustable shelves, offer solidity and strength.

Metal shelving Simple, modular and quick to assemble

The solutions for small warehouses offered by RAININI are extremely versatile and have a very high degree of modularity. Characterised by robustness, durability and cost-effectiveness, they are the indispensable element of efficient work organisation.

RAININI is a guarantee of certified safety, superior quality and exceptional design

Even when it comes to lightweight shelving for shops, archives or small warehouses, structural stability, impact resistance and anti-tip devices make our shelving a safe product, both for people and for the stored goods. All of our racking systems are CE certified (UNI EN 10130:2007) and are manufactured in accordance with European and Italian UNI EN 10142/92 standards.

We build our racks to withstand the daily wear and tear of the warehouse without damage. Our priority is to ensure a safe working environment and minimise the risk of accidents and damage by providing racks characterised by:

RAININI is design of customized metal shelving systems for warehouses, companies, offices, laboratories

Why choose RAININI Warehouse Shelving

Shelving designed to suit your needs

Mobile shelving: more capacity in less space

Metal shelving is ideal for storage in confined spaces. Maximum load capacity 150 kg. Versatile use for archives, libraries, shops.

Metal Warehouse Mezzanines: Where others fail;

Metal mezzanines for warehouses with self-supporting structure to utilise space at full height. Up to 3 walking levels; Highly customisable.

Lightweight shelving: the ultimate for your space, with simplicity.

The metal shelving units are simple and easy to assemble. Maximum load capacity 150 kg per shelf. Versatile use: from private individuals, basements, garages, libraries, offices, and from small warehouses to industrial complexes.

Cantilever, any weight and size under control

Metal racking for storing long and bulky loads, such as pipes, wooden strips, metal bars. Maximum load 250 kg per arm.

"Turnkey" Shelving


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We follow our projects over time, always supporting you.


We help you organise storage space and materials to improve productivity.


We design spaces to improve flexibility and logistical efficiency.

Product Design

All our projects are ‘tailor-made’ to your needs.


Installation is an added value which we care deeply about.

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