Shelving for shops: furniture, wall racks, display racks with sophisticated design

Beyond storage: metal display solutions for retail.

RAININI is not only “behind the scenes” in the retail sector: the company’s love for design has led it to develop Display Systems Ideal for point-of-sale organisation and product displays in public areas, as well as window displays and installations in general.

Based on its knowledge of the aspects of functionality, safety and durability required in the retail sector, RAININI has developed solutions that support all display requirements of retail spaces.

Design for display, to be displayed.

Design Fabrication and Installation of shelving for stores and custom hangers

Our in-house design studio, which specializes in store design, has acquired over the years important know-how in creating metal display solutions with great emotional impact.

We know how much a store’s merchandise display and logistics affect sales, which is why we can help you create functional furniture for your retail space.

We design custom-made hanging racks, wall-mounted metal shelving, display standers, equipped walls, and many other solutions capable of combining aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality.

Attention to detail and finish enrich the final product, making it refined, elegant and particularly attractive to your customers;

RAININI is retail Architecture designed to shape the customer experience

Interior Design and Collaboration with Architects and Interior Designers

Realisation of custom-designed elements produced with customised finishes at the specific request of the customer. We collaborate with interior design earchitects of the most renowned Italian brands and luxury boutiques to realise their ideas. The combination of precision, innovative technology and high craftsmanship allows us to creating metal shelving and design display systems that make your space unique, harmonious, distinguishable and appreciated by customers.

Shelving for Attractive, Versatile, Ergonomic Shops

RAININI makes metal shelving for shop displays with an attractive design in line with your brand’s style and values. We have an eye for the integration of hangers, display walls and shelving with the existing shop fittings, helping to create an inviting and professional atmosphere.

We produce versatile and adaptable Shelving to new display requirements to be able to organise a variety of products ranging from small goods to larger items, giving importance and the right visibility to each of them.

Always guaranteeing excellent shelving quality, stability, durability and ease of maintenance and cleaning;

RAININI is retail Architecture designed to shape the customer experience

RAININI is certified safety, best quality, superlative design

Whether it is light shelving for stores, archives or small warehouses, or industrial shelvingfor storing medium and heavy loads in warehouses, structural stability, impact resistance, and anti-tip devices make RAININI’s shelving a safe product, both for the safety of people and the goods stored. All our shelving systems are CE certified (UNI EN 10130:2007) and are manufactured in accordance with European and Italian UNI EN 10142/92 standards.We build shelving to last and withstand the daily wear and tear of the warehouse without deteriorating rapidly. We take care to ensure a safe working environment and reduce the risk of accidents and damage by providing shelving characterized by:

"Turnkey" shelving for shops


Our work starts with listening to the customer’s needs and wishes.


We follow our projects over time, always supporting you.


We help you organise storage space and materials to improve productivity.


We design spaces to improve flexibility and logistical efficiency.

Product Design

All our projects are ‘tailor-made’ to your needs.


Installation is an added value which we care deeply about.

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Shop shelving designed to suit your needs

Mobile shelving: more capacity in less space

Metal shelving is ideal for storage in confined spaces. Maximum load capacity 150 kg. Versatile use for archives, libraries, shops.

Metal Warehouse Mezzanines: Where others fail;

Metal mezzanines for warehouses with self-supporting structure to utilise space at full height. Up to 3 walking levels; Highly customisable.

Lightweight shelving: the ultimate for your space, with simplicity.

The metal shelving units are simple and easy to assemble. Maximum load capacity 150 kg per shelf. Versatile use: from private individuals, basements, garages, libraries, offices, and from small warehouses to industrial complexes.

Cantilever, any weight and size under control

Metal racking for storing long and bulky loads, such as pipes, wooden strips, metal bars. Maximum load 250 kg per arm.