Manufacturing Metal Shelving and Storage Systems for over 50 years

We design and manufacture metal shelving for industry and private individuals. We have been specialists in logistics for warehouses, companies, workshops, offices, stores for over 50 years, with a mission to make your workspace safe, organized, ergonomic and aesthetically beautiful.

With a wide range of storage solutions which vary from lightweight shelving to componible metal shelving, to cantilevers, to mezzanines, our shelving is durable and versatile, adapting to the different needs and conditions of every warehouse.

We have always optimized the spaces, maximizing the storage capacity, without compromising the product’s accessibility or aesthetics.

Design, organization, efficiency of RAININI metal shelving

Work spaces, storage spaces, display spaces: we know how important it is to optimize and manage them in a logical and organized way, because this has been our mission for over 50 years.

Throughout our history we have created metal shelving systems that, thanks to the expertise of our design and production team and the use of increasingly advanced technologies, have become true modular and customizable systems dedicated to storage, retail shelving and material handling.

We have always given an answer to any storage, logistic and space organization need with our custom shelving systems. We do this for big brands in retail, fashion and design. What remains unchanged, regardless of the sector and the intended use, is our approach, always oriented towards partnership with the customer through the added value of consulting, design and service.

They have already chosen us

RAININI is design of customized metal shelving systems for warehouses, companies, offices, laboratories

Interior Furniture - Not only Shelves:
Interior design according to RAININI.

Starting from experience in the metal shelving industry, and with the sensitivity to the world of design that has always characterized it, the Rainini brand puts consulting know-how, design expertise and production ability at the service of the customer who needs to create metal solutions for their interior.

Staircases, metal supports, partitions, space organization solutions and much more: with Rainini the possibilities are endless, and through analysis, sharing and planning, every idea is transformed into an innovative interior experience, at the meeting point between design and functionality.

Why choose RAININI for your Metal Shelving and Industrial Shelving


Each sector served by RAININI has its own specificities. Those involved in logistics, storage & material handling are always looking for efficient, modular and easy-to-manage solutions, while those in retail pay close attention to design, sartorial care in implementation and precision in detail.

But there is one thing that all our customers have in common: the way they appreciate and value our consultative approach to metal shelving systems. Because the product is not everything, and our ability to follow the customer from the earliest stages of shelving system conception, and to assist them even after assembly and installation, represents that “human touch” that makes us a reliable, long-term partner.


We put all possible care and attention into everything we do, to supply you safe, solid and durable products.

RAININI has obtained CE Factory Production Control Certification 0948-CPR-0475, issued by the independent certification body TÜV Italy.

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Happiness Bringer

Shelving designed to suit your needs

Mobile shelving: more capacity in less space

Metal shelving is ideal for storage in confined spaces. Maximum load capacity 150 kg. Versatile use for archives, libraries, shops.

Metal Warehouse Mezzanines: Where others fail;

Metal mezzanines for warehouses with self-supporting structure to utilise space at full height. Up to 3 walking levels; Highly customisable.

Lightweight shelving: the ultimate for your space, with simplicity.

The metal shelving units are simple and easy to assemble. Maximum load capacity 150 kg per shelf. Versatile use: from private individuals, basements, garages, libraries, offices, and from small warehouses to industrial complexes.

Cantilever, any weight and size under control

Metal racking for storing long and bulky loads, such as pipes, wooden strips, metal bars. Maximum load 250 kg per arm.

"Turnkey" Shelving


Our work starts with listening to the customer’s needs and wishes.


We follow our projects over time, always supporting you.


We help you organise storage space and materials to improve productivity.


We design spaces to improve flexibility and logistical efficiency.

Product Design

All our projects are ‘tailor-made’ to your needs.


Installation is an added value which we care deeply about.

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