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Commercial Information for Metal Shelving Systems

Technical Assistance on our Shelving Systems

Do you need more support? Do you have technical and assembly questions about our shelving systems? Our technicians are on hand to clarify any doubts you may have. Write to or fill the form below .

Metal Shelving Design Office

We are always at your disposal to help with the composition of metal shelving and to give you valuable advice on how best to optimise your space. Our technical department, with years of experience in designing storage systems for workplaces, will take care of setting up the environment according to your storage needs.

Write to or fill in the form below


Working at RAININI SCAFFFALURE METALLICHE S.R.L. means being part of a homogenous group of people who care not only about the high quality of the product supplied, but above all about maximum customer satisfaction.

If you are driven by energy, enthusiasm, a spirit of empowerment and a propensity to work in a team, please send us your CV to

Remember to indicate authorisation to process personal data (applications without such authorisation will not be considered).

"Turnkey" Shelving


Our work starts with listening to the customer’s needs and wishes.


We follow our projects over time, always supporting you.


We help you organise storage space and materials to improve productivity.


We design spaces to improve flexibility and logistical efficiency.

Product Design

All our projects are ‘tailor-made’ to your needs.


Installation is an added value which we care deeply about.