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Shelving Cantilever are widely used for industrial storage where there is a need to store long and bulky loads, such as pipes, wooden laths, metal bars. Able to withstand very heavy and bulky loads, Cantilever racks are the metal racking solution designed for use in warehouses and workshops when storing particularly heavy items, small machinery and very bulky objects. Cantilever racking is particularly practical when storing materials horizontally on the rack arms. This is especially the case when the goods are long and therefore conventional shelving does not allow for their storage. RAININI produces Cantilever racks for the storage of goods with manual handling and both Cantilever racks for industrial storage with handling equipment.

Long-load shelving: cantilever racks for methodically organising even the bulkiest goods

When storage requirements call for the reordering of large-volume or particularly heavy products, theof RAININI’s Cantilever, which eliminates the space limitation between shelving columns thanks to cantilevered arms, is particularly efficient.

In fact, cantilever racking creates a continuous space that allows the horizontal space to be fully utilised and allows orderly and safe storage and retrieval up to several metres in length. The lack of front uprights facilitates the stacking of bulky objects, even by means of handling equipment such as cranes and side fork trucks.

Thanks to its robustness and strength, Cantilever racking is particularly suitable for picking bars, beams, pipes, profiles, sheet metal and many types of building materials.

RAININI Cantilevers, the Safe Industrial Shelving

Our main priority is to ensure maximum safety when using our racks. For this reason, we have designed a self-supporting structure offering aexceptional stability and onerigidity without compromise. This ensures that the stored objects are kept in a secure position and that the structure itself is resistant to any kind of stress or strain. Depending on the load to be supported, our CANTILEVER structures can be fixed to the floor or wall with the help of bolt anchors.

In addition, we have implemented aadjustment system which makes it possible to optimise the available height, providing flexibility in the layout of the racking and allowing it to be adapted to different storage requirements.

We are committed to using only first-class materials and complying with current regulations. All RAININI metal racks are CE certified.

Our profiles are specially designed for optimal strength, while the steels used are certified for their quality and resistance. This allows us to offer a durable and reliable solution that meets the highest industry standards. Every element of our shelving system has been carefully calculated and tested to ensure that the shelving system is fully functional; excellent and long-lasting performanceoffering our customers the peace of mind of knowing they are investing in a safe and quality product.

RAININI cantilevers designed around your warehouse

RAININI cantilevers are designed and customisable depending on the load to be supported and the size of the storage space. The experience gained by our design office over the years enables us to design

Cantilevered according to the unit load that the structure will have to withstand, and at the same time, designed to maximise the usable storage area, without neglecting attention to detail and aesthetics.

All RAININI Cantilever racks haveadjustable shelves in height and customisable structures with different types of columns and arms depending on the size and weight of the goods stored, as well as with the addition of numerousaccessories designed for specific needs sectoral andfall arresters with safety locks on each arm make this product particularly versatile.

Depending on storage requirements and warehouse structure, we supply two types of cantilevers:

Single-sided cantilever to be placed adjacent to the warehouse wall

Double-sided cantilever which allows storage on both sides of the structure and enables the structure to be installed in the centre of the warehouse (island configuration).

Why choose CANTILEVER RAININI shelving


CANTILEVER JUNIOR is a heavy-duty Cantilever rack ideal for storing particularly long and bulky items, custom-designed to store large weights safely and solidly. The CANTILEVER JUNIOR structure is excellent for storage areas due to its height of up to 3 metres. Its column, 102 millimetres wide, can be single-sided or double-sided and its arms, supplied painted in the colour chosen at the time of purchase order, have a load capacity of 140 to 500 kg.

Possibility of adding an electrolytically galvanised load-suppression tube for our Junior when ordering, improving reliability and safety.

The Cantilever can be composed as desired, with additions of columns and reinforcement crosses, in series to achieve lengths that perfectly meet the demands of the various markets.


This shelf has a high load capacity and is divided into the types of SENIOR LIGHT (102 mm wide column) and SENIOR STRONG (152 mm wide column).

Suitable for companies handling and storing very heavy materials, especially used by companies reselling electrical equipment, carpentries, warehouses with special requirements.

The difference between the arm and its smaller brother CANTILEVER JUNIOR is its resistance to loads. A different thickness and tapered cut allow for high loads but retain the possibility of configuration.

Mono-front columns allow goods to be supported from one side only, facilitating the possibility of placing them close to walls or demarcated areas.

With double-sided columns, on the other hand, you have the option of loading both sides and thus increase the loading area to make better use of the available space.

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